Waterphone – Instrument & Teapot!

Posted on May 28th, 2011

This is one of those cool posts where we dont even have to write anything. The thingy, waterphone speaks for itself! I would like one of these in my arsenal of weird soundmakers! Build one perhaps? =D


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The Electones – Modems and dirty faxes from telex

Posted on May 23rd, 2011

They have done it again! What did they do? Music obviously! And its the first official Devsound Release! You can hear the telex messages and strange modem sounds as they whirl through the cyberspace of the last century. Just sit back and enjoy these intriguingly arranged frequencies. Peace!


The Electones - Modems and dirty faxes from telex

Mutable-Instruments Sidekick

Posted on May 18th, 2011

The Sidekick is a simple circuit, of dimensions similar to those of the Shruthi-1 digital board, which allows you to drive one of the Shruthi-1 filters without all the hassles of MIDI, menus, and modulation matrices. Pick your favorite filter board, snap the Sidekick on top of it, plug in an external audio source (or not) and get ready for some filtering action!

The Sidekick comprises 2 square/triangle LFOs and 2 AR envelopes, which are assigned to the VCF frequency and the VCA gain. The LFOs can oscillate at audio rates, allowing them to be used as droning oscillators, a FM source or ring-modulators. The envelopes are triggered by a dedicated button.

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Roland V-Link anyone?

Posted on May 10th, 2011

So I have this old Edirol PCR-A30. It’s a MIDI-controller/soundcard-thingy, and one of the buttons is labled “V-LINK”. V-Link? It doesn’t seem to do anything else useful except light up  when pressed…

So today I decided to find out what the heck it’s for.


This is what the manual has to say about it:

V-LINK is a function that lets you play music and images. By using this with a V-LINK compatible video device, you can enjoy various video effects that are  linked to your performance.


Confused, I continue to read the manual and find out that basically what it does is to send CC#’s on ch16 whenever a key between C2 and F6 is pressed on the keyboard.

Too technical? Let Roland explain it with an awesome demo!

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Modular Friday – Low-Gain

Posted on May 6th, 2011

This guy Low-Gain is a pretty awesome guy! He is a wizard of electronics and a electronic musician! He seems to build anything from Modular Synthesizers to modding videogame consoles (gameboys, super nintendo, etc), circuitbending toys and vintage synths. He built a midi-cable for the GP2X so that Piggytracker-nerds could send midi. On his site you will find lots of helpful guides for gameboyery and other chiprelated gear and home grown stuf for sale. His synth modules are really nice aswell, useful stuf! In other words: A pretty awesome guy! We will keep an eye on him in the future! Check his site out!


[vimeo id=23345218]

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Last April in Stadsparken Lund – Devsound was there!

Posted on May 5th, 2011

Every year there is a great party in Lund. Its not an organized party, there is no advertizement, no one is responsible, people just come. This year 25000 people made it to the park to have a good time. Its probably the biggest sponaneous festival/thingy in… Sweden, yeah.. but… scandinavia?
Anyway! We were there, and we brought two boomboxes. Mine and Daveys Reaggaebox. Then Ludvig came around with his pink box as well. So we hoocked them all up togheter and played loud! =D
Lots of people stopped and danced, some played on our instruments, some gave us beer! Great times! We even made it in to the newspaper! Some one took a picture of us and it landed on their web. Its the first one in the gallery.
Later on there was a big party outside of  Smålands Nation that we attended.

Unfortinatly my pretty orange speakers couldnt take the pressure of the party as you will see in the pictures. But i know how to fix it up. Im still happy!

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Devsound x DrsesLands.com Strapless Dress

Posted on May 5th, 2011

Devsound x DrsesLands.com Strapless Dress / Bardot Neckline / Padded Cups
This devsound x www.DressLands.com dress is formal or semi-formal and definitely going for dangerously sexy, with a strapless design, a Bardot neckline as well as padded cups that accentuate a woman’s form. There is also a boned bodice inside the dress for ideal pressure and safety. The frill double layer looks exotic and will turn heads at any formal occasion while the side zip fastening makes it a very functional dress easy to put on and take off for your convenience. The true to size form ensures that while the gown is complementary to the female form it’s not overly tight. The fabric is also very good quality and is silky with a woven texture. This size 4 dress is ideal for women five foot nine or around that range. An excellent selection and goes great with black shoes.

We have moved!

Posted on May 4th, 2011

All the little computer bits of devsound has sucessfully moved!

Our new home is located on server. Much enjoy.


Label should be releasing musicy goodness anytime soon now…