Erasemusic, Sequencomat and modulars

Posted on August 9th, 2011

Enjoy these two videos by Erasemusic, found on Youtube.
I think it’s mostly a demo of the Sequencomat, but it’s also noodly good!

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Mister Magisters – Toy Modular

Posted on August 3rd, 2011

Iv been sitting on this pair of Mister Magister for a while now, they are somewhat similar to a swedish talking Speak & Spell. After finding some funny bends i couldnt decide what components to put in it so i decided to make it modular. The tiny patchbays on the front goes to soilderpoints on the card and by putting different components in the patchbay you can get the machine to flip out in all kind of ways. Sometimes its screaming and making little noisebursts and other times it gives you strange ryhtmic melodies, bleeps and bloops. Then if you get tired of all the wackyness you can rip everything out of the patchbay and now it will speak pretty much randomly from its memory. Making strange sentences, poetry. In swedish. Read more »

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