Released on December 30th, 2011.

During December of 2011, we decided to do a project!
The idea was to release one acid track every day.

We succeeded with the help of some old friends, and some new :)

Complete track list here.
Download the all the tracks as a ZIP (420Mb) link removed.

Thanks to all the people involved!

Now, it’s January. Time for a new one-track-a-day project…

We will release atleast one acid track each day the whole of december. No silly countdown for christmas. This is a countdown of computer music.

If you feel that you might have some track that would fit this thing then dont hesitate to contact us!
Have a happy ACID DECEMBER

Complete LIST of TRACKS:

December 31: Brusmannen - 000202_0406
December 31: Some-E - Kaahviih
December 31: Custom Bomb - Continuous Dynode Particle Multiplier Detector
December 31: StreetSoulAcademy Of House - Frero Groove
December 31: Simio Sakrecoer - Everyday Is A Life
December 30: DonFuego - Gubbsyra
December 29: Midnight Gamers - Midnight Strikes Back
December 28: R. Odent - Alan Turing Acid
December 27: jmph - Proterozoic
December 26: Emil Brander - Acid Storm Rising Part 2
December 25: DJ Daniel - Nuclear land (becquerel dub)
December 24: Savolainen Juniori - Korpikuusen Kyynel
December 23: Grinolle - Eat cookies and have a cat
December 22: Brusmannen - 000122 0396
December 21: The Electones - Acid Wednesday
December 20: R. Odent - Stay Silicon
December 19: Smattermatik - Jul hos matthandlaren
December 18: zthee - Super Apochromatic
December 17: Sakrecoer Featuring MC Daz Ini - AcidCommeUnCheezeburger
December 16: Grinolle - Martian Bebop
December 15: sima - 64°45′04″N 147°21′07″W
December 14: Pakir & Salkinitzor - Golden Repetition
December 13: Nora, Gene & Eileen - We have to feed the man!
December 12: The Electones - Fungus Growing Ants
December 11: The Electones - Syltjam Lost Sessions 2
December 10: Grinolle - 99 Luftballong Acid
December 9: Jätten - Sågtandberg Part 01
December 8: The Electones - The Dog Heard It
December 7: Custom Bomb - Decon 7
December 6: Völdemört & Salkinitzor - Kaputt Mortum
December 5: Custom Bomb - Kvistogram
December 4: The Syltjammers - Acid Marmelade
December 3: S1 & S2 - SyltAcid
December 2: Pakir & Salkinitzor - Basic Chemistry
December 1: The Electones - Combust-a-tron3


This video initates the start of ACID DECEMBER here on

…And this is what it looks like when we go at it live. Acid Telephone ftw!

This is what you would find inside every tb-303 if you´d just find that secret door.

8 Responses to “ACID DECEMBER”

  1. kallback Says:

    \\ allt det bästa

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  3. Dr°3°Tri Says:

    Luvin that “R. Odent – Stay silicon” trippy track! <3

  4. Savo Jr. Says:

    Whoa! I have no words. :O

    “Emil Brander – Acid Storm Rising part 2″

    There is many high quality trax here but this is really something.

  5. Sakrecoer Says:


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