Ancient Boombox Discovery

Posted on June 11th, 2011

I was visiting my parents some weeks ago and found this beauty in the garage. A boombox built by my brother and my grandpa about 12 years ago.  Its built of plywood and finished with high finish. It has three different speakers and a radio car reciver!  We hooked it up to a car battery and it still worked perfectly! My brother can be seen in one of the pictures while admireing his work. (or his outboardmotor) If you noticed the big orange kinda curly metal rod thats sticking out of the box and wondered what it was… its the antenna! =) Another nice detail in the pictures is the “synthesizer spectacular” cd that can be seen lurking with the screwdrivers, i remember that i didnt like it very much when i bought it (about 100 years go when i bought it from a guy in the harbour) but maybe im a more perverted synthesizer fetishist now. I will give it a try. Anyway, a nice nostalgia discovery in the garage we grew up in. I hope you like the pics! And btw, there will be more posts about my brother and his devotion to building boomboxes!

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