Devsound does Dragonfly Festival!

Posted on August 23rd, 2011

Some clips from our gig at the BronzeAge Bar at Dragonfly Festival 2011!

Some images were taken, if anyone has more videos or images, please let us know!


The music we played was some old stuf and some brand new stuf, exclusively stuf we made!
Since many of the tracks are relased on our friendly label,
I thought I’d link you to some of them:


Reefer Sutherland – What Surrounds (2011)

Simon Sounds – Monument (2010)

Simon Sounds – Mind in Escape (2010)

422 – The Collaborations (2010)

423 – One year Anniversary (2011)

Soul Shinobi – Soul Symbols (2011)

Salkinitzor – And his big pile of Dub (2011)

Salkinitzor – A few oldies but goodies (2010)


If, for some reason, any of the links above don’t work. Visit us at Sonic Squirrel!

Some tracks we played are still unreleased. They will be released on Devsound, perhaps soon…


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