Mister Magisters – Toy Modular

Posted on August 3rd, 2011

Iv been sitting on this pair of Mister Magister for a while now, they are somewhat similar to a swedish talking Speak & Spell. After finding some funny bends i couldnt decide what components to put in it so i decided to make it modular. The tiny patchbays on the front goes to soilderpoints on the card and by putting different components in the patchbay you can get the machine to flip out in all kind of ways. Sometimes its screaming and making little noisebursts and other times it gives you strange ryhtmic melodies, bleeps and bloops. Then if you get tired of all the wackyness you can rip everything out of the patchbay and now it will speak pretty much randomly from its memory. Making strange sentences, poetry. In swedish.

One of the machines has a 8×8 led-matrix connected to the patchbay, you can use it to bend the Magister. When you´ve connected enough cables to it the leds will flicker like any old 70s super computer. =)

The nice thing about them being two is that you can use the extra long cables to bend them against each other. =)

Anyway. its a great little toy. I havnt seen many of them bent. Dont know if people know about them at all.
It would be nice to make a better control surface for it or adding a sequencer but its very much fun the way it is.
Patching at it, making leds flicker in the led-matrix, makes you feel like a mad professor. =)


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3 Responses to “Mister Magisters – Toy Modular”

  1. Bob Says:

    I love these toys! Great for garbled glitch sounds. Liking your patchbay approach here, nice work!
    I have a load of the English version here. I’ve bent one before, and it came out like this:


    However, I’ve learnt quite a bit since then, and have the second incarnation in the works. Not sure when it’ll be finished, but looking forward to meddling with the completed one :-)

  2. salkinitzor Says:

    Hey bob! Thats a really nice bend you´ve made to it! A bit more expressive than mine. But i guess they both are fun in different ways. =)

    The Vtech toys are really great for bending! The voices are great! Do you know how many countrys they sold stuf in? I can see that you have access to more of those than i have here in Sweden!

  3. Bogus Noise Says:

    Hey there, sorry on the delay, didn’t see your reply! Thanks though, glad you like it :-)

    Don’t know all the countries that VTech sold their stuff in I’m afraid. I’d imagine in quite a few countries though! I’ve definitely had different versions of a couple of things for the UK/US markets, and I’ve had a later laptop thing from them in a different language – I think it was Spanish, but not sure as I haven’t dug them out of of the to-do pile for a couple of years!


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