MosterBass – Piano String Double Bass

Posted on December 16th, 2011

I found this slaughtered piano in my thrash-room, so naturally i took some strings from it. (It was like monkey island, you find something and you grab it.) Since then they’ve just been lying around, getting stuck to trousers as ppl walked by them and such. This went on for months. Then!! Suddenly there was a makers faire at STPLN here in Malmö, and
it just so happened that i was gonna hold a workshop about building musical instruments from crap!
(mostly bicycle crap) I had brought the strings and some tuning-knobs made for an electric bass, thinking i was gonna
build something fun. My brother was also at the fair, and when we two get in to “building mode” there is no stopping us. A well oiled building machine.

wellwell… get to the point allready! =D

We had no initial plan, we just concluded pretty much that “if we put this luggage carrier here.. then…” and so on! Just trying to build some nice thrashy string instrument. It didnt take long before Boomlinde got interested in the project as well. (He is one man that likes bass.)

First off we tested to mic the thing up with a piezo microphone. It worked but instead of just getting the sound from the strings you got a sound from pretty much any part of the bass. Not cool. We even had some kind of acoustic body to try and get more sound out of it bu the frequencies was to low! Its a good thing that my friend Robert had a spare humbucker to donate.

The Monster Bass is constructed of the following:

  • Two piano strings
  • Some nice pieces of wood
  • One broken bicycle gear
  • One bicycle luggage carrier
  • One Humbucker pickup
  • One 100k linear potentiometer
  • One 1/4 phone jack
  • Lots of screws, some wiring and straps!

I went for the simplest possible wiring for the potentiometer and the jack. Just volume, nothing more.
I should add that i done know if this is the best parts for this project, perhaps i should have had
a exponential potentiometer instead of a linear… and so on.. but this was stuf i had lying around
at home and im glad that iv put them to use. And it works really well. so im happy! Its really rich in overtones and it has a nice piano, almost fm, sound to it. Im looking forward to playing it with a bow.

The next step in this project is probably to build it into a resonator. To be able to process audio though it.

Well, thats about it. Now go slaughter your grandmas piano! (she never uses the lowest keys anyway!)

People involved in building this beast: Salkinitzor, Boomlinde, PatrikBaa, STG.


[soundcloud url=""]
Here’s a quick demo, there’s some delay on it for extra hipness.

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