Nwdlbots + Blok Modular + Ableton Live

Posted on September 13th, 2011

So, I found these Max4Live-patches a while back called Nwdlbots. They are a collection of generative gadgets for Ableton Live. They’re quite fun to play around with, specially if they get to generate midi for something as flexible as a modular synth, like Blok Modular.

Nuderbot by devsound.se

I managed to record some of the randomness that came out of this encounter!
What you hear are a couple of event generators, a scalebot, dynabot, one blok modular and some native ableton-fx.


You can get the Nwdlbots from here (requires Ableton Live and Max4Live). And Blok Modular is avalible as VSTi and as a Buzz machine, download here.


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