ShruthiBox – A wooden case for my precious

Posted on December 30th, 2011

I’ve had my Shruhti-1 synth for about a year now, and all this time I’ve kept it in a makeshift cardboard/woodglue box. This had to change :)

I didn’t really like the standard, square, plexi case that would have been easy to laser cut. Instead, I wanted a smooth, organic, wooden thing. Something shiny, yet durable…

So, during a couple of hectic days at STPLN, me and STG designed a new case, selected a nice piece of Fagus sylvatica (that’s Beech for you non-latin speakers), and milled it with a CNC-mill.

It’s not quite done yet. It still needs some filing around the buttons, sanding and polishing of the surface, and a couple layers of antique laquer. But, already it looks (and feels) super awesome :D

Not quite sure about the purple plexi backpanel, but it looks kind of indian, so…

Also, anyone notice something I’ve forgotten? ;)

Download the Rhino and dxf-files here.


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  1. salkinitzor Says:

    Im gone for one day and then this happens! You guys are really good! See you soon!

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