Syltjam Synth

Posted on December 9th, 2011

During the Syltjam last weekend our good friend STG designed, built and programmed a really nice little synth based on Arduino and a MAX261 Microprocessor Programmable Universal Active Filter(!).

The result was a 4-note polyphonic, supersawtooth, ultraresonantglitchy synthesizer with pitchbend, volume shaping, selectable mono-mode with adjustable portamento and oscillator detune.

This is what it looked / sounded like during the build:

More technical informations available at Forskningsavdelningen.

We didn’t take any good pictures or record any high-quality sounds…
But they are coming, check back again soon.

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2 Responses to “Syltjam Synth”

  1. Flork Bjorlandesn Says:

    Hey guys! When are you gonna release this beast? Iv been waiting since december!

  2. STG Says:

    Yeah, we’re slow as hell – but I’d say next week now. Really.

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