Visiting Zippy-X in GBG

Posted on March 28th, 2011

I went on a trip to Gothenburg last week to hold a lecture with Olle from Talon-FC. While up there i decided to stay for a while to visit some friends that live there, one of them being simon. (or zippy-x as he called himself during the 90s when he was making awesome metal-XMs.) We sat down with our common intererest, guitar effect pedals! The plan was to build a delaypedal that simon has designed but all the components hadnt arrived.

I had the phase 45 and decided to finish it that evening. wich i did but it didnt work as planned, fixed that yesterday though. It was a bad solderjoint. as it is in 99% of all cases. =) it works fine now.

Simon worked on his specially designed envelope follow filter, you can see on his face how good it sounds! He tried out some different caps for the filter and some of them gave pretty funny results. I can add that this was the first time i met his girlfriend and im afraid she thought we were reallyreally boring when we just sat there soldering all evening. =)

Good times!!

Anyway, ill have some samples from the effects that are finished for the bag sooooon!

I also got my christmas-present from my cousin Andreas when i visited. A digital thermometer that shows the temperature in binary. I think he wants me to learn binary. =) Can anyone figure out how warm it is on the picture in the slideshow? =)

And the last thing: Im building a BoomBox! Its a must have for the summer! I got the amp today and i bought some speakers at a flee market this weekend. The plan is to have those two small speakers and a big one to give the bass. Im probably gonna spend this afternoon building a temporary box for it.  Anyone have any experience in building these kind of machines?

Well, thats all for now!

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  1. Simon Says:

    Awesome hours of sweetness! :D

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