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Posted on July 31st, 2011

The WTPA (Where’s the party at?) was a DIY sampler-kit, designed by a nice gentleman called Todd Bailey.

As far as I know it was the only DIY sampler-kit out there, and right now he’s working on the next generation of it.



Here are some changes from the first version:

Changes and Additions from WTPA1 (so far):
Main sample rate clock is now an analog VCO which can be controlled via CV/LFO or via coarse/fine knobs
Additional onboard RC oscillator allows indpendent manual pitch control of both sample banks
Clock for the second bank can be slaved to the VCO as well via a toggle switch
Micro SD card interface for permanent storage of up to 512 samples
Direct playback from Micro SD card (get yr drum kit on)
Maximum sample rate now upwards of 40kHz for both banks (better code)
Parameter control is now a (custom!) quadrature encoder, which allows for changing parameters during RECORD or REALTIME modes
8 buttons instead of six. The UI is a lot less crowded.
Huge noise floor improvement in both analog and digital domains. Lower impedance, less bus noise.
Samples can now be edited live, shiffled, windowed, and generally Autechred
Optional board for all audio, power, MIDI jacks and select switches. Makes for an easier build and easier patching.
Optional fluorescent acrylic laser cut enclosure

Standard WTPA2 is Fluorescent Yellow and Black, with Black PCB and Yellow LEDs
The one pictured on this page is a limited edition that I sold at Bent/Solid Sound 2k11

More granular functions for extra artsy audo playback
Banks are now DUOPHONIC in MIDI mode! You can now play power chords, yo.
WTPA2 can be polychained via MIDI, even without a MIDI controller (two can talk, like Furby)

Price And Availability:
300 units are ALREADY in stock
Main sampler kit will go for $85
Pre-assembled and tested micro SD daughterboard == $25
Jack board kit with panel mount MIDI, Audio, DC jacks and clock toggle == $30
Fluorescent Acrylic Enclosure kit with pre-drilled and tapped sides, support standoffs, bolt-on rubber feet, LED extenders, screws and nuts == $75
So, your sampler kit can be anywhere from 85 to 215 depending on how baller you are, OR –>

Pre-Assembly and Testing:
WTPA2 can be bought as a finished unit! Half a dozen or so are already done.
Includes every option available on standard WTPA2, as well as:
Additional “Narrat1ve Only” LEDs, Knobs, anodized hardware and laser cut parts
Custom colors (ie: hot pink) available
Assembled in Brooklyn. All circuits and firmware tested/guaranteed by yours truly
$450 until I get sick of making these, then that goes up


Check out his blog and the forum for updates on the project!

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