Acid December 2012[DEVSND-017]

Released on December 1st, 2012.

Acid December 2012 is over!

Listen to the tracks in your browser, download the entire release as a zip or visit your local fleamarket to buy the megamix on tape (not available in all regions).

Download the all the tracks as a ZIP (237Mb) here.

Well, the thing is over, but not done! We are now in the process of making two megamixes with all the tracks, each of them 45 minutes long. Why 45 minutes?! Well, because tapes have two sides that are 45 minutes each. The plan is to make as many of these tapes as possible (or as many as we can muster) and plant them at fleamarkets so the cool kids can buy them at their favorite store! Stay tuned and enjoy the tracks on the site in the meantime!

Also, don’t miss last year’s compilation: Acid December (2011)

COMPLETE TRACKLIST (for streaming):

Dec 101: Monol - Acid in Space
Dec 202: IamTrip - Ugly
Dec 303: Reefer Sutherland - Kalaidospoke
Dec 404: Doktorns Elektriska Arm - I väntan på Mastodonten
Dec 505: Segerfalk - The Persuaders of Acid
Dec 606: Kotten - This Is
Dec 707: Ted Barley - Lesson #1
Dec 808: NOS - 23
Dec 909: Reefer Sutherland - Zahnarztangst
Dec 11: Snorkelitzor - Innan Indien
Dec 12: Shytan - Psy-Clone
Dec 15: Morusque - Bouchons-systématiques
Dec 17: Wunder Ulrik - Pipe
Dec 18: Johanderson - 0640
Dec 19: Jennyrave - 303 Buzzmusic
Dec 20: MSDOSMEDICIN - Julacid
Dec 22: JGB - Angiveriverksamhet
Dec 23: Reefer Sutherland - Joachims Machines
Dec 24: Benjamin Syra - Pö om pö
Dec 26: Sm0hm - Tandemacids
Dec 27: Bunker Funk - Youre doin it right
Dec 28: Daniel Araya - Underwater trax vol 1
Dec 29: World Chef Federation - Handburgare
Dec 30: The Doctor - Brains
Dec 31: Tumult - Decembersyra

Oh! And a fancy, Acidy-GIF too!

4 Responses to “Acid December 2012”

  1. val pastel Says:

    i dont believe it’s already december again.
    2012 went by quite fast. I remember comming here for daily acid as if it was last month…

  2. salkinitzor Says:

    you better believe it val! =)

  3. Emil Brander Says:

    Asgrymma saker folk får till! Jag ska försöka vrida till något jag också trots prestationsångest.

  4. Fredrik Says:

    NOS – 23 !!!

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