Ambient January[DEVSND-011]

Released on January 2nd, 2012.

Ambient January is over!

All in all, 34 awesome ambient tracks!
Many thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

New theme for February: Chiptunes!

Due to the great success (we had fun and lots of people participated with awesome music) of Acid December we decided to have another project like this but in another genre.

Just as in Acid december, everyone is welcome to contribute to the compilation. Just send us a mail

At the end of December you are at peace with your surroundings. You have been through the stress of buying presents, you have spent time with your family, you’ve eaten a lot of food, you’ve probably not been to work for some days at least. All in all: You have a nice state of mind. Or at least I do. To try and prolong this niceness we have decided to start Ambient January to ease the start of the new year!

January 31: Wardorx - Untitled Happiness
January 31: Sailboats - Metro
January 31: Don Fuego - Skogsväsen
January 31: Blokestern - Theme for a damp forest
January 30: Infinite Kitten Rage - Lindelord
January 29: OAM2 - ianuarie
January 28: Xaphoid - Dreams that scan a life
January 27: CA - 181060
January 26: Sillen - Silly
January 25: Tim Uhlin - The Drift
January 24: Falbygdens Dataorkester - Generativt Stycke No.2
January 23: Xaphoid - Meet you in a New World
January 22: Salkinitzor - Lies upon lies
January 21: Sillen - Avkall ambiens 1
January 20: Grinolle - The big dipper
January 19: C. Björklund - Drone
January 18: Tim Uhlin - Sphere
January 17: Seb - City life (no life)
January 16: Novouzensk Einsatzgruppen 418 - импульс
January 15: The Electones - Ingen Fastlagsdag
January 14: Mantratronic - Backwoods humidor
January 13: Blokestern - Mr. Whatever's Windworks
January 12: The Eiffel Towers - Texture
January 11: Salkinitzor - If all else fail
January 10: Strobotone - Cortical potential
January 9: VöldeMört - Spinrock
January 8: Blokestern - Klickety-plopp and Strings (Second movement)
January 7: Salkinitzor - Future Events (such as these)
January 6: Saimou - Flow Eternal
January 5: Lonebrink - The Uppermost
January 4: Grinolle - BambiEnt
January 3: Loxodrom - I miss you Missmyra (motorhuvsdrön)
January 2: Blokestern - Yonder
January 1: Lonebrink - Pilgrimage


Here are some inspirational links and pictures:

Ambient Sequencer 606

Grinolle (ThePrism) on Soundcloud
Lonebrink on Soundcloud
Saimou on Soundcloud
Mantratronic on Soundcloud
VöldeMört on MySpace
Salkinitzor’s Finurliga Ljud

Forum thread over at 99Musik

The Eiffel Towers at work!

4 Responses to “Ambient January”

  1. Shytan Says:

    Oh, my favourite genre! Great collection so far. Grinolle’s BambiEnt is just wonderful. I guess I could contribute too..

  2. Pakir Says:

    Don’t be shy, Shytan! We’d love to have you on board :)

  3. loxodrom Says:

  4. Savo Jr. Says:

    Though Acid House is genre that i create a lot, ambient is the one that i listen most. Everyday or actually every night. :)

    I’d like to download this compilation… could you add one big download here as well as was in Acid December?

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