Building a modular syntheslicer

Posted on April 26th, 2012

Check out the amazing progress from bags of resistors and sheets of plexiglass to a working modular synthesizer.

Click >HERE< for some juicy pictures, sounds and incoherent ramblings.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy during the last few weeks, building my very own modular synthesnajser!
So far I’ve built all the PCB’s from MFOS that I bought. and every single one works perfect!

In the rack at the moment I have: MFOS VC LFO, MFOS Dual AR-Generator, MFOS Dual Log/Lin VCA, MFOS Noise Cornucopia, MFOS 24dB LowPass VCF, MFOS State Variable VCF, MFOS 16-Step Sequencer and a semi-functioning MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth.

(If I find the inspiration to write, I’ll assemble a longer article about the project here on devsound…)

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  1. Audiofreq Says:

    Here’s a SJS-One MIDI Touch template for iPad. It controlls all CC#’s. There are 2 note trigs purely for demoing, but it works best as a 2nd layer of control on top of notes played by a background sequencer (like Little MIDI Machine), or via outboard MIDI gear.
    IOSmidi forum logins are slow to be approved, it seems. Once I;m in I’ll post there in its proper place – until then:
    SuperSaw MIDI imp chart:

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