Devsound ChipNipple

Posted on February 10th, 2012

This is the Devsound Chipnipple! Designed by the one and only STG!

What is this?!?! Answer: A trackball from some silly remote control connected to audio.

The unit has two 1/4 audio outputs, one is the trackballs X and the other is Y.
(it also has a 3,5 mm sterojack but thats just for headphones and lamers)
Each channel is completely decoupled from the other, providing 0-360 degree phasing possibilities.
I know, crazy right?

What can i say about the sound? Well, ill never buy a recordplayer to scratch with when i´v got this puppy!
The plan for me is to bring it to gigs (when im playing the gameboy) and throw in some scratches here and there!
Its really good at making laser-sounds as well! =)

The case is lasercut 2mm plywood.
It is powered by a 3-volt barrery.

I threw together some demos for you to hear this marvel!

Demo 1 is based on a familiar breakbeat and some regular synthbass & pad.
The rest is NIPPLE! No effects, just some highpass on the nipple to save your speakers.
At first there is only one track (stereo though, like i told you before) then after a while
i add another track with the NIPPLE!

Demo 2 is pure nipple. No effects, no filter. Just me rubbing that thing!

We have decided to make FIVE more of these

and sell them to you, our noble readers.  This is the chance of a lifetime!
The price is: 30 Euros + shipping.
For that you get: Your very own CUSTOM CHIPNIPPLE with a personal laser engraving from a picture that you provide to us.

Just send us an email:
And we will figure out the rest.


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  1. Emanuel Eppes Says:

    Individer kommer att köpa allt som är ” ett med en kund . ”
    Carpe diem per – ta kontrollen.

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