Parallelogram – An FPGA demo

Posted on April 17th, 2012

Sir Linus Åkesson (Chipophone, Bitbuf, and more) has made something again. As usual, it’s over-the-top cool :D

My first FPGA project. Homebrew CPU, FM synth and blitter with pixel shader support. 1st place in Revision 2012 Wild compo. Watch in 720p!

There’s an error in the text at the beginning of the demo. It says that 128 KB of external RAM is used, but in fact 2 MB is used. Quite embarrassing, but there it is.

Technical details, MP3 and video download here:

Anyone reading this that has any knowledge about FPGA’s? Please contact us. We are looking for talented people interested in making stuff with us :)

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