Swedens Only Barrel Organ Factory

Posted on January 31st, 2012

As i walked the familiar streets of my home town Skärhamn something interesting catched my eye.
A strange machine in a window with tubes going everywhere, then i remembered! The man with the barrel organ from last years summer market! I had talked to him, looked in the box, seen the paper running over the little air-holes.

Anyway, i knocked the door and was greeted by Anders Linder, the man himself.
A nice guy, happy to tell me anything about his Barrel Organ building! Materials, techniques, anecdotes.
He has been building barrel organs for only  two years now but judging from the high quality of his machines i would say he´s been at it much longer than that but if he say so. In other words: im impressed!
When i asked him why he choose this particular hobby he said that he had been fooled into building one by a friend (who also builds barrel organs) and that was it. He was stuck!
Plus, he added, it seems that everywhere he brings his box something fun happens.
He is now the proud owner of Swedens only barrel organ factory!

And he has a monkey to protect all his money.

To keep as “old-tech” as possible Anders has choosen to not use too modern materials. Everything needs to be mechanic and authentic. Anders told me about a guy with an electrified barrel organ who had attended an event for builders in Denmark and had been thrown out because of the electronics in his box. Its a hard life, that of a builder! =)

Right about  now your are probably wondering: What the heck is a Barrel organ?! (and where can i get one?)
It is an pipe organ, similar to a church organ but smaller and automated. To operate it you turn a lever. This fills an air bag and make the paper roll at the same time. The tiny holes in the paper travels over a valve. If a hole in the paper passes over a valve a note is played.
The paper looks very similar to the pianoroll from cubase, FL or what have you. (This is because before there was Cubase of FL, there was paper rolls with holes in them!)

This is the true old fashioned way of doing it but it can also be done with
a valve connected to MIDI! No paper. (Yes i do want a tiny church organ to send MIDI-notes to!!)
But this will probably get you thrown out of Barrel Organ events. = )

This is the bass-pipes, they are located under the box and a nice detail is that the biggest pipe has to be L-shaped to fit.

The picture above shows the biggest pipe (lowest tone) and the smallest pipe  (highest tone).

The box is painted by a russian paint-brush artist.

Update: He now have a website: http://www.positivhuset.se/

You can find more pictures in the archive below.

6 Responses to “Swedens Only Barrel Organ Factory”

  1. Rockard Says:

    Wow cool but you forgot to make the youtube vid!!

  2. vasile cocolos Says:

    I hand organ factory in Romania

  3. Dave Smith Says:

    Just found your interesting site. Can I have your permission to use details and pictures here for the Key Frame. The official magazine for the Fair Organ Preservation Society?
    I am gthe Publications Editor for the F.O.P.S. Full credit will of course be given to the author of both text and photos and I would be pleased to send you a copy of the finished article and the magazine in which it appears.

  4. Pakir Says:

    @Dave: Of course! Sorry for not replying sooner!

  5. Gabriel Gospo Says:

    Dear sir , Because English is not my native language, it is possible that you will find grammatical errors. – PRICE please for a KIT Barrel Organ ???



  6. Pakir Says:

    Gabriel: We’re not affiliated with the maker of these beautiful devices. But you can get in touch with the him via his website: http://www.positivhuset.se

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