Syltjam 2012 – 14 sept – STPLN Malmö

Posted on September 1st, 2012

Its time once more for a Syltjam at STPLN i Malmö. Everyone knows the deal:

  1. Bring your synthesizer
  2. Meet nice synth people
  3. Fondle their synths

The event will go one from around lunchtime and end somewhere in the night.

Things available at the place:

  1. Big speaker system for jamming (but bring headphones if you wanna get intimate with a synth)
  2. Big store really close for buying foodstuf
  3. Kitchen for cooking foodstuf
  4. Tables and such for putting synths on
  5. Nice People!!

Does this sound like a nice event? Then come!
Discuss the event here:
Here are the link to last years event: We had fun!

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    Im gonna comment on this one! it deserves a comment! im a troll on my own blog!

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