DIYFFS – Modular Midi Controller

Posted on January 27th, 2013

Hello there fellow experimentalist. This article will show you how to easily build your own USB midi-controller using a
Teensy 2.0 as your main mothership.
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Acid December 2012 Megamix Tape

Posted on January 8th, 2013

This is the outcome of the Acid December thingy for this year. Two Megamixes of all the tracks from the compilation. They are about 45 minutes each and will fit very well on a 90 minutes cassette! And as you probably have noticed the artwork for this release (if printed out) will fit nicely in the cassette cover.
The main plan for us now is to record this on to as many cassettes as we can muster and sneak them in to second hand stores, flea markets, just drop them with the other tapes¬† so that people can find then and think “wft is this!?!?” and then buy it and go home and listen. And we hope they will like it because it sounds awesome when blasted in to the tape! (you should make one for yourself to!)

Look at this thing!

This has been a great project and we are really happy to have been a part of it and we would like to thank everyone that has given their frequencies over to our care!

Acid December - Megamix Side A
Acid December - Megamix Side B