Posted on March 22nd, 2013

Welcome dear human!
Today im gonna show you how to build and arcade controller for making and playing games. The box has all the standard stufs like Joystick and buttons but it also has some bonus controllers. These are 3 Analog Sliders, 3 Analog knobs and 3 Flip switches. The idea behing the controller is that it should be a nice tool for developing games and testing new stufs. Maybe you want to change the players size, speed, jump height, or whatever with the sliders or maybe use a flip switch to invert all colors, turn off music, turn on autofire…

So… What does this thing consist of?

  • Laser cut MDF Box
  • Cordoroy - decoration from the 70s donated by
  • Teensy – Micro controller, programmed via usb in the arduino environment
  • Joystick – Digital on/off
  • Arcade Buttons – Digital on/off
  • Flip Switches – Digital on/off
  • Sliders – Analog
  • Knobs – Analog
  • Cables

ASSEMBLY – Hardcore instructions

1. Glue the box togehter
2. Decorate it with your favorite bling
3. Put stufs in box
4. Solder solder solder
5. Program
6. Enjoy


Well as i said before, glue the box togehter. Figure out how the parts go together and then glue it! make it nice and tight. use the strange C-shaped pieces to make your box stronger. Put them where you think they will do most good.


When you are done With the glueing its time to choose how you want to decorate your box. Its really ugly as it is. So making it pretty is very important. Use some wallpaper, comic book or a nice fabric to make it nicer.  Glue it to the box and cut the edges nicely.


When your box is looking good enough you should start mounting the controllers to the front panel.


If you are new to soldering its a good idea to watch this video.

And here is a little tip on how to make soldering easier:

Make a little hook on the end of the wire.

Then place it around the thing you want to solder it to. Apply heat with the soldering iron and then apply the lead.
When you feel confortable proceed to the next steps:

Start by soldering the GND line. Use a BLACK wire for this. Look at the picture below. There should be a black wire going to each thing in the box. Use a component leg to bridge the sliders. It will later be connected to GND on the Teensy. (GND is the same as GROUND)

VCC – 5v+ LINE
Solder a RED wire to the outer lugs on the knobs and  on the pins called 1 on the sliders. Look at the picture above. Use a component leg to bridge the sliders. It will be connected to VCC on the teensy and will make you able to get analog values from the sliders & knobs.

These are the wires that will tell the teensy wich buttons are pushed or what state the analog controllers are in. Solder a cable for each controller, use different colors for each group. For instance:

  • Joystick – Blue
  • Flips – Green
  • Buttons – Purple
  • Knobs – Yellow
  • Sliders – Orange (these look like the red ones but they are different)

Look at the pictures and solder them accordingly. First at the controller end and then to the teensy.


This is how it should look on the teensy. The side with VCC is the side of the analog inputs and the other side is the digital. Yellow and orange cables  goes to the analog side.
Green, Purple and Blue cables go to the digital.


To program this little beast you will need the following:

Go HERE!!!!! to learn how to program your new fancy controller! You can easialy make it in to a keyboard, mouse, joystick, midi controller, etc… Have fun! (and dont forget the pullup resistor)


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