MFOS WSG – Bigger Caps!

Posted on June 25th, 2013

Iv had the MFOS WSG for a long time, i think i bought it in 2007 and built it over christmas.  Iv allways kinda liked it but not liked it at the same time. Iv heard similar storys about the WSG from other owners. (plz Ray Wilson dont be mad at me!) But its nice to fiddle around with and experiment with. Iv built several different cases for it over the years, this last one is laser cut, painted with acrylics and has wooden sides. I have also expanded its functionality basically by circuitbending it.  (you know.. poking around inside with a crocodile-wire until you find something funny.)  Other than random bends i cannot explain iv added a volume knob, a switch for muteing and a button for I/O turning on the sound, kinda like a morse code button.  It also has a starve knob and a switch to stop the zany oscillators. Handy!

I had read Nicolas Collins Hardware Hacking Manual  and in it there was explanations about how different logic chips worked and what you could do with them. After reading for a bit about this i realized that the WSG used one of these chips and that i would be able to change the range of the oscillators by replacing the capacitors that made them oscillate.
And the basic rule for this was: BIGGER CAP = LOWER FREQUENCY!
This was one of the things that had nagged me about the WSG, it just didnt go low enough! I looked at the schematic for the WSG and realized that caps C4 C5 C13 C12 C7 C14 all have something to do with the oscillators. So then i desoldered them and put sockets in their place for easy testing of different caps.
After fooling around with this for a while i managed to get the beast in to a nice range of new sounds.

WSG Demo 1
WSG Demo 2
WSG Demo 3

If you have a WSG you should try it out! After all its made for experimentation!

3 Responses to “MFOS WSG – Bigger Caps!”

  1. Morten Says:

    Sorry for commenting on an old post, but I had to ask – what size caps did you use for the Demo 3 sample? I’ve had the same issue with the WSG as you.

  2. salkinitzor Says:

    I dont know their value. They are big green poly-caps like these:

    they are a bit cryptic. I bought a bunch of them and just tried wich one sounded nice for me. There are different size caps at all the crucial places in the circuit.

  3. chris Says:

    Sounds like a higher frequency on the oscillator.
    Is it possible that the Caps are actually a smaller value but bigger size? Just a thought. Sounds cool either way.

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