Shruthibox – Project complete

Posted on March 16th, 2013

Remember this post?

Short story: I wanted a nice wooden case for my Shruthi-1 Synth, so I designed a 3D-model and CNC-milled it out of a plank of wood.

That first case, as practical and water proof as it was, wasn’t very beautiful. And a synth as well-crafted as the Shruthi deserves a better fate than that.
So, I started designing a 3D-model, that would be possible to mill in the CNC-mill at STPLN.

It’s based on the original case, which was made of cardboard, woodglue and sticky tape.

Three layers of the planky substance was needed, milled from both sides.

Many things were learned, some mistakes were made, lots of corners filleted

Then it went through an aging process in one of these.
Which made it look like this:

It was a fun project.

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  1. snorkelitzor Says:

    Beauty make my eyes bleed!

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