Posted on April 16th, 2014

Well! Its time again for another SYLTJAM! Everybody knows what this means!? We meet up, bring synthesizers or other nice stuff and then test it out, jam, drink coffe, that kind of enjoyment. Sounds like a good time? You should come!

This year we have a special venue. A really old house with a nice big garden outside of Malmö. its 15 minutes busride from central Malmö.

When: 3th May, Mid day til late in the night.
Where:  Fårabäcksvägen 15 A, Prydesholm
How:  Bus 142 From  Södervärn – Sallerupsvägen

About the JAM:

Trade table – Bring the crap you dont want, put it on table, take something else.
Maybe some cool talks/workshops! (more info will arrive)
Meet people, talk to them, make music/noise/whatever!
DIY-Gear Everywhere!


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