Soo, this is devsound. Label, blog, shop and whatnot.

Here you´ll find articles about strange diy synthesizers,
circuit bent stuf, projects we are working on, our deviant musical releases, wacky live-shows, and our amazing webshop!


If you would like to get involved in some way,
perhaps as an artist, a writer of articles, or maybe as a crazy inventor with an idea for some gadget,
you are more than welcome to send us a line about it.

We are eager for collaborations!


If there is something you would like us to build for you, perhaps some kind of strange diy-gear you found on the interwebz you are to lazy to build youself or if you just have a wacky idea.

Send us a line, perhaps we´ll be able to figure it out.


Or, if you make sweet music and want some help with mixing or mastering,
we also have ninjas standing by for that…


Starting summer 2012, we also have a web shop, where you can buy some of the stuf we build.
Every item in the shop is hand-crafted and unique, soundwise and otherwise!


We exist on: FacebookYoutubeSonic Squirrel


To contact us, you can send an electronic mail, talk to us on Facebook or just write something stupid in the comments. =)


Thanx for stopping by!

/Devsound Crew