Chip February 2015

Posted on February 3rd, 2015

This years CHip February is hosted by our friendly friend Sarofer Zertaga! just send him your coolest chip-tunes and everything will work out fine!

This is where its at: https://chipfeb2015.bandcamp.com/



Posted on November 24th, 2014

Dont worry! We are doing the Acid December this year too!
Check out the official site: http://devsound.se/acid2014/


Electones – Gudrun Mediation Twilight Phone

Posted on October 14th, 2014

They are back from the past! And this time there is no way of understanding anything. Enjoy!

Electones - Gudrun Meditation Twilight Phone


Syltjam 2014 – Recap

Posted on May 6th, 2014

Another fine meetup of geeky synthesizers and nice people!

This time we were gracefully hosted at some friends house in the outskirts of Malmö. The event began at noon on Saturday, with people joining in all afternoon. Many frequencies were produced during the evening, none were recorded.

We hope you will all join us for the next Syltjam!

Pictures taken by Patrik K Book.
Minidocumentary by Olle Lundahl.

Article at onlinegamer.se

If you have any pictures, videos or sounds from the event, please share!

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Posted on April 16th, 2014

Well! Its time again for another SYLTJAM! Everybody knows what this means!? We meet up, bring synthesizers or other nice stuff and then test it out, jam, drink coffe, that kind of enjoyment. Sounds like a good time? You should come!

This year we have a special venue. A really old house with a nice big garden outside of Malmö. its 15 minutes busride from central Malmö.

When: 3th May, Mid day til late in the night.
Where:  Fårabäcksvägen 15 A, Prydesholm
How:  Bus 142 From  Södervärn – Sallerupsvägen

About the JAM:

Trade table – Bring the crap you dont want, put it on table, take something else.
Maybe some cool talks/workshops! (more info will arrive)
Meet people, talk to them, make music/noise/whatever!
DIY-Gear Everywhere!


Acid December 2013

Posted on November 8th, 2013

Apparently another year have gone by. We have now refilled the worlds need for acid tracks. (its to late to send any more)


01 - The Electones - Stepnine
02 - Doktorns elektriska arm - Letting down your heir MKll
03 - Jätten - Polar Beats
04 - Perceptionsdepartementet - Sensorium
05 - Flumberman - Acid-Chimney
06 - Heathen State - They Have No Ideals
07 - Sunflowr - Sleep Paralysis
08 - Betty - Ford Menorah
09 - Sir Jon Keason - Knorr
10 - Batterimännen - Rätt Sjyst2
11 - Kotten - Pin Tweaks
12 - Flumberman - Acorn
13 - Älvis prästlig - White and bleu chrismuss
14 - Modvol - Milkpecker
15 - Handysound - Shake The Stew
16 - SH13 - Korgtastic
17 - Simio Sakrecoer - 7 Inch Spike
18 - Kotten o Salkin - Mer acid
19 - Nordbeck - Acid 1101
20 - Sgt Dickweed - Von Oben
21 - J Hansson - Slag 2
22 - Morglurg - MDF Funk
23 - Gemini - Intent
24 - Viktor Pilkington - Nippon 303
25 - Goto80 - ACID BURGER
26 - DJ Svante Arrhenius - Woof
27 - Morusque - Mangeoire disjonctive
28 - Bitcrusher - ASCIID_01
29 - jmph - Under a Foreign Sky
30 - Hardhat - Impact Driver
31 - kallback - 090909drumatix
32 - FALCON CRUST - Codex Syra
33 - Arayaz - Arayaz Anthem
34 - Spionen - Farsta Slott
35 - Skruv - Skare

Yeah we got a video:

04 - Perceptionsdepartementet - Sensorium

State of the Devsound

Posted on October 14th, 2013

Ok, so the summer is over and we’ve been super busy drinking beers and brainstorming new synth ideas!

Lots of cool stuff in the works… Check out the panel of prototypes above ;)

MFOS WSG – Bigger Caps!

Posted on June 25th, 2013

Iv had the MFOS WSG for a long time, i think i bought it in 2007 and built it over christmas.  Iv allways kinda liked it but not liked it at the same time. Iv heard similar storys about the WSG from other owners. (plz Ray Wilson dont be mad at me!) But its nice to fiddle around with and experiment with. Iv built several different cases for it over the years, this last one is laser cut, painted with acrylics and has wooden sides. Read more »