Malmö Syltjam 2011 – Recap

Posted on December 5th, 2011

Well, the Jam is over and this is what happened: Lots of people showed up, we jammed for hours and hours, a new polyphonic synthesizer was built, an old home made polyphonic synth was discovered and everybody was nice and friendly, we had a great time!

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SyltJam @ STPLN Malmö 2-4 dec

Posted on November 11th, 2011

Well, its time to meet ppls who like synthesizers, diy, audiogear, circuitbending. And to have a good time. Jamming, chatting, knobbing other peoples gear and relax.

So if you thing you are up for it: Bring some stuf to STPLN in Malmö 2-4 december. We will start in the afternoon, and after that its “drop-in”. (pretty much like at a hairdresser, but you wont need to get a haircut.)

There is a thread HERE! at 99musik.se where we will discuss in detail what will happen at the event. Its a good idea to write your name in the thread there if you know that you will attend. Check it out!

You would like to have some kind of workshop of speach about anything related? Dont hesitate do contact us! (Either by mail or at 99musik.se)

There will be more info as time progresses!

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