Last April in Stadsparken Lund – Devsound was there!

Posted on May 5th, 2011

Every year there is a great party in Lund. Its not an organized party, there is no advertizement, no one is responsible, people just come. This year 25000 people made it to the park to have a good time. Its probably the biggest sponaneous festival/thingy in… Sweden, yeah.. but… scandinavia?
Anyway! We were there, and we brought two boomboxes. Mine and Daveys Reaggaebox. Then Ludvig came around with his pink box as well. So we hoocked them all up togheter and played loud! =D
Lots of people stopped and danced, some played on our instruments, some gave us beer! Great times! We even made it in to the newspaper! Some one took a picture of us and it landed on their web. Its the first one in the gallery.
Later on there was a big party outside of  Smålands Nation that we attended.

Unfortinatly my pretty orange speakers couldnt take the pressure of the party as you will see in the pictures. But i know how to fix it up. Im still happy!

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