Syltjam 2014 – Recap

Posted on May 6th, 2014

Another fine meetup of geeky synthesizers and nice people!

This time we were gracefully hosted at some friends house in the outskirts of Malmö. The event began at noon on Saturday, with people joining in all afternoon. Many frequencies were produced during the evening, none were recorded.

We hope you will all join us for the next Syltjam!

Pictures taken by Patrik K Book.
Minidocumentary by Olle Lundahl.

Article at

If you have any pictures, videos or sounds from the event, please share!


Posted on April 16th, 2014

Well! Its time again for another SYLTJAM! Everybody knows what this means!? We meet up, bring synthesizers or other nice stuff and then test it out, jam, drink coffe, that kind of enjoyment. Sounds like a good time? You should come!

This year we have a special venue. A really old house with a nice big garden outside of Malmö. its 15 minutes busride from central Malmö.

When: 3th May, Mid day til late in the night.
Where:  Fårabäcksvägen 15 A, Prydesholm
How:  Bus 142 From  Södervärn – Sallerupsvägen

About the JAM:

Trade table – Bring the crap you dont want, put it on table, take something else.
Maybe some cool talks/workshops! (more info will arrive)
Meet people, talk to them, make music/noise/whatever!
DIY-Gear Everywhere!


Syltjam 2012 – 14 sept – STPLN Malmö

Posted on September 1st, 2012

Its time once more for a Syltjam at STPLN i Malmö. Everyone knows the deal:

  1. Bring your synthesizer
  2. Meet nice synth people
  3. Fondle their synths

The event will go one from around lunchtime and end somewhere in the night.

Things available at the place:

  1. Big speaker system for jamming (but bring headphones if you wanna get intimate with a synth)
  2. Big store really close for buying foodstuf
  3. Kitchen for cooking foodstuf
  4. Tables and such for putting synths on
  5. Nice People!!

Does this sound like a nice event? Then come!
Discuss the event here:
Here are the link to last years event: We had fun!


Posted on July 16th, 2012

Tech Specs
Sound Demos
Support / Troubleshooting
After-market modifications

SJS-ONE General Informations

SJS-ONE is a software defined 8-bit mono synthesizer with a dual (series) switch-cap filter.

Technically, there is nothing outstanding in the design besides perhaps the very capable MAX261 filter which we are, as far as we know, the only ones to use at this point in a DIY-synthesizer.

But the synthesizer has some interesting history that has certainly colored its development and ultimately its sound. The initial version was developed as an instructional workshop for a synth-event called SyltJam in 2011. The workshop idea was to show people how quickly you can design the basic hardware and software required to produce a platform for versatile audio and music generation.

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Posted on December 30th, 2011

During December of 2011, we decided to do a project!
The idea was to release one acid track every day.

We succeeded with the help of some old friends, and some new :)

Complete track list here.
Download the all the tracks as a ZIP (420Mb) link removed.

Thanks to all the people involved!

Now, it’s January. Time for a new one-track-a-day project…

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Syltjam Synth

Posted on December 9th, 2011

During the Syltjam last weekend our good friend STG designed, built and programmed a really nice little synth based on Arduino and a MAX261 Microprocessor Programmable Universal Active Filter(!).

The result was a 4-note polyphonic, supersawtooth, ultraresonantglitchy synthesizer with pitchbend, volume shaping, selectable mono-mode with adjustable portamento and oscillator detune.

This is what it looked / sounded like during the build:

More technical informations available at Forskningsavdelningen.

We didn’t take any good pictures or record any high-quality sounds…
But they are coming, check back again soon.

Malmö Syltjam 2011 – Recap

Posted on December 5th, 2011

Well, the Jam is over and this is what happened: Lots of people showed up, we jammed for hours and hours, a new polyphonic synthesizer was built, an old home made polyphonic synth was discovered and everybody was nice and friendly, we had a great time!

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SyltJam @ STPLN Malmö 2-4 dec

Posted on November 11th, 2011

Well, its time to meet ppls who like synthesizers, diy, audiogear, circuitbending. And to have a good time. Jamming, chatting, knobbing other peoples gear and relax.

So if you thing you are up for it: Bring some stuf to STPLN in Malmö 2-4 december. We will start in the afternoon, and after that its “drop-in”. (pretty much like at a hairdresser, but you wont need to get a haircut.)

There is a thread HERE! at where we will discuss in detail what will happen at the event. Its a good idea to write your name in the thread there if you know that you will attend. Check it out!

You would like to have some kind of workshop of speach about anything related? Dont hesitate do contact us! (Either by mail or at

There will be more info as time progresses!