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Shruthi-1 & Custom wooden case

For sale is a assembled and customized Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 synthesizer and a custom made, CNC-milled wooden case.

The case is made from beech planks, cnc-milled, and coated with high gloss, antique, polyuretan laquer.

Inside the case is a Shruthi-1 Synthesizer, with an SMR-4 filter board. The four CV-inputs of the Shruthi are wired to two analog potentiometers (CV1 & 2) and one Roland-style pitchbender/modulation-stick (CV3 & 4).
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Chip Nipple

Gloriously dirty square waves at the tip of your finger… tip. It’s even stereo – rub the nipple today!

Price includes custom laser engraving!

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