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This is a service to be ordered together with the SIDBlaster/USB Kit only and cannot be ordered on it's own or with the PCB option.

We will assemble, program and test your SIDBlaster/USB prior to shipping.

You need to specify what type of output jack you wish us to connect for you and the desired length of wires between board and jack. Jack options are single RCA, stereo or mono 3.5mm or 1/4" phone-jack. Example: -"I'd like a MONO 1/4" JACK with a 4CM WIRING kthxbye". If you want your own custom high-quality, special brand or fancyodd output you can also tell us not to add an output jack :) Also specify what type of SID chip you intend to use with the device as different chips require different voltages.

Enter your customization instructions here. If you need to send files or describe the customization in further detail, enter your email address as well.

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Price: €16.00