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Includes only the PCB with the surface mount USB-chip attached.

You will have to source all other components, program both the USB chip and CPU and assemble the device on your own.

If you do not own a PIC programmer, you can purchase a preprogrammed CPU below.

The USB chip can be programmed using the FT-Prog utility available from FTDI.

Component sourcing and assembly information.

Please note: One of our dear customers pointed out an error in values of the filter caps (C1 and C2). Here are his findings:

I've assembled three SIDblasters with 6581R4, 6581R4AR & 8580R5. But there's some mistake in your specification. Capacitors 2,2nF are for 6581R4 (and maybe R2 & R3, not tested). 6581R4AR REQUIRES capacitors 470pF (otherwise filters are too deep), 8580R5 REQURES 22nF (otherwise you get whistling sounds instead filtered instruments). All is tested and works great with mentioned capacitors.

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