Syltjam Synth

Posted on December 9th, 2011

During the Syltjam last weekend our good friend STG designed, built and programmed a really nice little synth based on Arduino and a MAX261 Microprocessor Programmable Universal Active Filter(!).

The result was a 4-note polyphonic, supersawtooth, ultraresonantglitchy synthesizer with pitchbend, volume shaping, selectable mono-mode with adjustable portamento and oscillator detune.

This is what it looked / sounded like during the build:

More technical informations available at Forskningsavdelningen.

We didn’t take any good pictures or record any high-quality sounds…
But they are coming, check back again soon.

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Arduino Ribbon Controller

Posted on October 10th, 2011

A while back I read this post about making a ribbon controller with force sensing resistors and SoftPot’s (position sensitive resistors), with an Arduino brain.

I had been thinking of building a ribbon controller, and when this came along I no longer had any excuse…

So, today I went to STPLN and got some much appreciated help from my friend STG.

He looked over the Coagula code and got it working properly, or so I hope, since we didn’t have any MIDI-equipment to test it with. Then we did a quick and dirty box with the laser cutter.

Anyways, some pictures of the build:

There’s still some work to be done, such as: additional layer of plywood on the top, with a cutout for the ribbon, to help guide the finger. Maybe a couple of regular potentiometers on the side for more control. Maybe another ribbon to double the amount of fun. Oh, and buttons for navigating the menu… :)

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Hackathon – Pix & lols! We were there.

Posted on February 20th, 2011

We had a great time at Hackathon! Lots of friendly curious people, good food and great projects! The ppls from Forsken was building a robot thats supposed to be controlled like a FPS-game from a computer, some guy build a clay-pooping tube and the devsound crew started to build a filter and then continued to MIDIfy my WSG Synthesizer. It is now possible to flick its switches with midi-notes thus making it a bit more musical. =)

Pix & video:

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Devsound will be attending Hackathon!

Posted on February 13th, 2011


Next weekend will be nice for the devsound crew! MYself & Philip will probably be sitting at Hackathon building “the simplest variable  2 pole filter” we could find. LINK

If you are interested in building a filter then check this list of filters: LIST

Another project in the pipe is MIDI-fying my WSG with the help of an arduino.

Keep up the good workz!


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Devsound has been busy this week!

Posted on January 26th, 2011

We (we being salkinitzor & linde) started the week by modding/circuitbending my Yamaha Electone organ. It now have: More and stronger reverb, slow and strange phaser knob, a volumeknob for turning down the drummers noisechannel. (hihats and such) The original plan was to try and trig the single drums and thus building either drumpads to place on the organ lid. And/or smack MIDI in to it! We havnt given up on that yet. A LINK to a similar project.

Also i recived a big pack of guitarpedal-kits the other day from Sebastian. Among them 3 Delays, a Big Muff, Orange Squeezer Compressor, a vintage phaser etc. I started building the Orange Squeezer and i posted a picture of it in its temporary enclosure. You can also see the goodiebag of electronic joy on that picture.

Last but not least: We went to Forsken in Malmö to hang out with geeks & nerds and Philip got a chance to show what he can do with a C64, an arduino, a regular laptop and a joystick port. He can transfer stuf!

Great stuf!

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