Bag of effects – Part 1

Posted on March 8th, 2011

I have decided to build a lot of effectpedals and put them all in a bag. The thought is to have a simple 3 channel mixer in the bag as well so that the routing of the effects can become parallell instead of in series. I have finished two of the effects thats going in the bag. An Orange Squeezer compressor and a Rebote Delay. Soon ill be able to start working on the frontpanel.

Planned effects to put in the bag are: two or three delays, big muff distortion, phase 45 phaser, some kind of variable state filter and then perhaps some other kind of distortion as well.

This will enable me to perhaps get rid of all the misc random effectpedals thats just lying around my studio that never get used anyway.

If you wanna help building this bag of awesome sonic pleasure there are some things i havnt really worked out yet, one of them is the power supply. I have little experience of these things but I realize that i cant afford to keep buying 9 volt batteries once a week. =) The other thing is the filter. I havnt found an easy design that fits my needs yet. Perhaps you got some suggestions? A filter similar to the ms-20-filter would be nice with both the low pass and the high pass in series.


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