Mister Magisters – Toy Modular

Posted on August 3rd, 2011

Iv been sitting on this pair of Mister Magister for a while now, they are somewhat similar to a swedish talking Speak & Spell. After finding some funny bends i couldnt decide what components to put in it so i decided to make it modular. The tiny patchbays on the front goes to soilderpoints on the card and by putting different components in the patchbay you can get the machine to flip out in all kind of ways. Sometimes its screaming and making little noisebursts and other times it gives you strange ryhtmic melodies, bleeps and bloops. Then if you get tired of all the wackyness you can rip everything out of the patchbay and now it will speak pretty much randomly from its memory. Making strange sentences, poetry. In swedish. Read more »

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Vernissage in the workshop!

Posted on July 2nd, 2011

On saturday the 9th juli will we open the gates to the workshop on Storgatan 32A in Skärhamn (pink harbour) for the public. The purpose of the exibition is to let people come and look at what we have been doing in there the last couple of years and at the same time show some art.
There will be paintings, CNC-demo, homegrown electronics, diy longboards, music, snacks and drinks.
Can you resist?

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Modular Tuesday – ::vtol::

Posted on May 3rd, 2011

vtol – or Dmitry Morozov. A Moscow based artist and mad genius.

Over the years he has created some of the most original pieces of musical hardware the internets has ever seen.

The main focus of his work is the “system”, a home-made, digital, modular, lofi synthesizer!

So far he’s built a bunch of noisy synths, sequencers, filters, glitch-effects, samplers, controllers and cv-processors.

It’s patchable internally and between machines and while not built to any standards, it also works together with other modulars.

Also, they are produced in limited numbers, so if you want one for yourself, you can pick one up at vtol.tk

[vimeo id=22989400]

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Hackathon – Pix & lols! We were there.

Posted on February 20th, 2011

We had a great time at Hackathon! Lots of friendly curious people, good food and great projects! The ppls from Forsken was building a robot thats supposed to be controlled like a FPS-game from a computer, some guy build a clay-pooping tube and the devsound crew started to build a filter and then continued to MIDIfy my WSG Synthesizer. It is now possible to flick its switches with midi-notes thus making it a bit more musical. =)

Pix & video:

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Casper Electronics

Posted on December 22nd, 2010

It seems like this blog is about us just writing stuf about our favorite tech/diy/synth-porn sites. And i guess thats as good a start as any for a blog. This next one is one of my circuit bending heroes, Pete Edwards. Iv been drooling over the stuf he has built for the last couple of years.

Check out his site:


Isnt he charming:


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