Roland V-Link anyone?

Posted on May 10th, 2011

So I have this old Edirol PCR-A30. It’s a MIDI-controller/soundcard-thingy, and one of the buttons is labled “V-LINK”. V-Link? It doesn’t seem to do anything else useful except light up  when pressed…

So today I decided to find out what the heck it’s for.


This is what the manual has to say about it:

V-LINK is a function that lets you play music and images. By using this with a V-LINK compatible video device, you can enjoy various video effects that are  linked to your performance.


Confused, I continue to read the manual and find out that basically what it does is to send CC#’s on ch16 whenever a key between C2 and F6 is pressed on the keyboard.

Too technical? Let Roland explain it with an awesome demo!

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