Devsound – Slappna av (part 2)

Posted on November 15th, 2011

Devsound - Slappna av (part 2)

One part electone, one part big red Nord, and one part professional relaxation on vinyl. Those are the ingredients that went into creating this swirling, hypnotic tune.

Recorded with authentic room ambience.

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The Electones featuring IamTrip – Obey Angela

Posted on September 3rd, 2011

On one of our many journeys around the galaxies of computer jams we met a strange looking fellow.
He spoke to us in a strange language of rythms and arrangements. His name was IamTrip.
This is the results of such an encounter. A meeting of culture, history and language.

01. The Electones featuring IamTrip - Obey Angela
02. The Electones featuring IamTrip - Australian night
03. The Electones featuring IamTrip - Teslacoil

04. The Electones featuring IamTrip - Obey Angela (loops and effects remix)

Bonus thing! A set with some loops from Obey Angela, and effects for you to play with!
It does require Ableton Live, but included are also the samples,
which can be mashed in any soft- or hardware.
Download it here!

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