Hispasonic interviews Olivier Gillet

Posted on September 11th, 2011

Hispasonic.com had a little talk to Olivier Gillet, the creator of the Shruti-syntesizers. He revealed some information about the future of Mutable Instruments and his thoughts on what makes a good synth.

The full story (in english) at Matrixsynth.
Original (in spanish) version at Hispasonic.

The exciting new projects:

Next project (september/october): the MIDIpal, a small, inexpensive, MIDI processing
unit, running algorithmic transformation on the MIDI notes (arpeggiation, harmonization, delays) along with more traditional filter/splitter/monitoring things. Something you’ll want to stick between anything with a keyboard and anything with an audio out in your studio :) This is the first project that will be industrially manufactured – though the first batch will be available as a SMT kit.

A new Shruthi-1 filter board (MS-20 clone).

A variant of the Shruthi-1 digital board that will replace all the digital oscillators by 12-
bits sample playback from a SD card (and will probably do sampling too).

Also, from the forums at mutable-instruments:
“MIDIpal kits will be available in october and a new batch of Shruthi kits in november.”

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Falbygdens Dataorkester – Digitala Inspelningar -2011

Posted on August 30th, 2011

From the Falbygd of Sweden, this next experimental release arrives!

The music on this album was constructed from loops, recorded from the Shruthi-1, Korg Electribe EA-1 and VMachine.
Some samples were recorded from the MiniSynth (now defunct) and the PrayerBox.

Dataorkester is the new orkester.

1. Inspelade Saker
2. Skruttis Kompis
3. Mehorka
4. Sakernas Loopar
5. Pajsan Hajsak
6. Lilla Maskinen

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